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Status : ลาศึกษาต่อ


2018-Present Studying Ph.D. (Geomatics) National Cheng Kung University,
  Tainan, Taiwan
2012-2014 M.Eng. (Survey Engineering) Chulalongkorn University,
  Bangkok, Thailand
2007-2011 B.Eng. (Civil Engineering) Naresuan University,
  Phitsanulok, Thailand

Teaching Courses

📝 Surveying

📝 Route Surveying

Areas of Interest

- GPS Surveying

- Evolutionary Algorithms

- Improvement of Integer Ambiguity Resolution (IAR)

- Positioning, Orientation and Integrated Navigation Technologies

- Mobile Mapping System (MMS)

National Conferences

  • Srinara, S., and Wongsuwan, A., (2017), Test of GPS Horizontal Positioning Accuracy between Smartphone Apps, Handheld GPS and Geodetic Receiver, Proceedings of the 22nd National Convention on Civil Engineering, 18-20 July, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand.

  • Srinara, S., and Satirapod, C., (2013), Optimization of GNSS Satellite Combination in Kinematic Positioning Mode with Aiding of Genetic Algorithm, Proceedings of the National Convention on Geo-informatics and Space Technology 2013, 25-27 December, Bangkok, Thailand.